Shackleford Crossings

Little Rock, AR


  • A 286,000-square-foot power center that was only 55% leased.
  • Property was out to market and had a few failed marketing processes.
  • Owned by an institutional investor and a high stakes assignment.
  • Asset functionality post construction was major.
  • Market value less than debt amount.


  • Sell a pad separate to the shopping center to create a 20% increase to pricing.
  • Target local and regional value add buyers for the power center portion.
  • Target exchange buyers for the $4M of pads.
  • Create competition to drive certainty of execution.


  • Generated 8 offers on the power center and 12 offers on the pads.
  • Sold the pad at 99% of our list price.
  • Drove competition and sold the asset as is with a short DD time period.
  • Exceeded our client’s expectations and a very challenged asset.