Deep Local Expertise

Our local experts know their markets like no one else, because they leverage experience and knowledge like no one else.


There is no short cut to knowledge. Knowledge and expertise comes from years of experience within local geographic markets.  Each market is so incredibly different, and has its own unique story to be told.

As dedicated Retail Experts, we aim to know everything that happens within the market, and how that could positively or negatively affect the property itself.  To cover an entire country, you need to have scale.  Small groups to cover large regions is not enough; you need strong teams entrenched in each local market.  

Although our reach is wide, we focus on delivering with the friendliness & deep local knowledge of a trusted hometown neighbor.


The secret to our success is the ability to fully expose the asset to the largest group of investors, while still focusing on illustrating the local story.

We drive these buyers to our local specialists to provide real time knowledge of the local communities.

Our local experts serve clients as both consultative advisor & motivated salespersons and provide local services like market tours & property showings.  Their dedication to putting customer interests at the center of everything they do delivers results tailored to the unique needs & priorities of each client for each property.