Buying With Warner REtail Team

Trusted Retail Investments


For investors, hiring the most seasoned experts to represent them will make all the difference in securing the perfect commercial real estate investment.

With us, you are partnering with a team of the very best commercial real estate specialists that leverage their national & global reach, extensive relationships, deep local expertise, and vast buyer network to give you access to the most exclusive listings available.

Relationships with a vast network of the best institutional property owners in the world — institutions that only invest in the absolute best properties.

Access to premium properties, 90% of which are exclusive, off-market opportunities not on the open market.  Properties that are always fully-vetted through extremely thorough due diligence.

A team that puts the buyer in the driver’s seat.

A team that always executes.

A team that always gives back to their communities.

Our Specialty

Our experience finds top client buying priorities fall into
2 key categories:

1. Securing the perfect investment property for their budget 

2. Ensuring certainty of execution, from start through closure

Our expert ability to deliver on these 2 key priorities is what distinguishes Warner Retail Team above our competition, and our relentless focus on these priorities is key to driving success for clients.

Exclusive Properties

Finding the perfect investment property — one that fits your unique criteria and positions you to achieve your investment goals — requires aligning experienced & deeply connected advisors that can maximize your pool of options and ensure successful execution.

We have the largest network of relationships with the largest owners of real estate worldwide. Institutional investors with whom Warner Retail Team has earned deep trust through decades of specialized guidance and exceptional delivery of results. These institutions represent the largest pool of premium properties, amounting to over $100B in commercial real estate investment opportunities.

And, because they only work with firms that can handle stringent requirements, manage high complexity, and guarantee execution, over 90% of their premium properties are off-market, with exclusive availability to only the most trusted investors.


Premium Investments

Our experts are highly specialized and deeply experienced in identifying properties that align to client investment goals.  With each client, we perform thorough analysis to understand their investment profile, criteria, and objectives.  And, we leverage our extensive knowledge of local markets to guide our search for perfect fit properties for clients.

We believe driving success for our clients means more than identifying exclusive, premium properties; we must find the premium properties that deliver premium investment outcomes.  And we must ensure those properties are fully vetted, through comprehensive due diligence, to position clients for success.

Our heritage of “clients first” focus, attention to fine detail, follow-through, and unwavering diligence is not just core to our culture, it is also key to driving reliable investment success for our customers.

Certainty of Execution

Our access to exclusive, premium institutional assets; focus on exhaustive due diligence; rigorous investment analysis & advisory acumen; commitment to providing transparent progress management; and extensive experience negotiating with top sellers leads to the highest certainty of execution for our clients, and ensures buyers make the absolute best investment possible.

Leveraging our decades of experience negotiating with selling brokers, we are able to ensure reliable success for our clients.  Especially with highly-competitive premium properties, we know how to position the buyer to win.  Warner Retail Team facilitates over $500M of exchanges for our clients per year without a failed exchange.

Our extensive experience measuring seller intent helps us position the offers with the highest probability of closure. And our disciplined transaction management allows us to tell you exactly what is going to happen, and when you can expect to close.

Partner with experts who put your interests first every time, and who always deliver.

Our Database of Sellers

Built over many years of relationship-building and committed investment in dedicated in-house researchers + data intelligence tools, our best-in-class database links property investors to a network of over 100,000 retail-specific property owners that trust Colliers’ heritage of experience & commitment to integrity.

By leveraging our Colliers Investment Network Database, buyers gain access to premium, exclusive, off market properties that even the most detailed search in a 3rd party commercial real estate database (like CREXi, CoStar, LoopNet) will not find. This enables us to bridge buyers to an extensive pool of institutionally owned retail investment opportunities that is unsurpassed.

We Give Back

Our focus on service is integral to everything we do. Just as we value our dedication to clients, we appreciate opportunities to serve the communities in which we do business. For every investment sale we close, we pledge a monetary donation to a local organization.