Retail Capital Markets



Retail Capital Markets

Leveraging extensive global experience & deeply specialized expertise in each local market, our team specializes in the sale, leasing, & management of retail commercial real estate assets nationwide.

Providing comprehensive, best-in-class services to a full range of clients — from the largest owners of real estate in the country to small & mid-sized investors — the Warner Retail Team closely coordinates a nationwide network of locally-specialized commercial real estate experts dedicated to ensuring execution and maximizing returns for clients.

Our Reach

With a footprint of 163 U.S. offices — which spans 4 National Regions — and international offices across 62 countries, working with Colliers means tapping into a powerful network of commercial real estate experts and our massive database of buyers around the world.

Although our reach is wide, we focus on delivering with the friendliness & deep local knowledge of a trusted home town neighbor.

Our dedication to putting customer interests at the center of everything we do delivers results tailored to the unique needs & priorities of each client.

“We always put client interest above our own.”

Local Expertise

As Retail Experts, we need to know everything that happens within the market, and how that could positively or negatively affect the property itself. 

To cover an entire country, you need to have scale. Small groups to cover large regions is not enough; you need strong teams entrenched in each local market.  Colliers drives local expertise by focusing locally.

The secret to our success is the ability to fully expose the asset to the largest group of investors, while still focusing on telling the local story.

Colliers drives buyers to our local specialists to provide real time knowledge of the local communities.

Our local experts serve clients as both consultative advisor & motivated salespersons, and provide local services like market tours & property showings.

Their dedication to putting customer interests at the center of everything they do delivers results tailored to the unique needs & priorities of each client for each property.


Our Specialty

Our experience finds top client priorities fall into
2 key categories:

1. Securing the highest possible offer prices for their property.

2. Ensuring certainty of execution, from start through closure.

Our expert ability to deliver on these 2 key priorities is what distinguishes Colliers above our competition, and our relentless focus on these priorities is key to driving success for clients.


The Warner Retail Team unites the Retail Capital Markets regional & local experts via experienced project management & efficient communication.

They leverage their extensive expertise in coordinating deals — especially deals that involve properties in multiple markets — and bringing together deep local experience that spans our service lines.  Our leadership organization is responsible for making sure that the best team is always on the field and that each tailored group of Colliers experts fully leverages our proven, best-in-class capabilities to deliver winning outcomes for our clients.

The team’s efficiency in shepherding complex property campaigns ensures that we can always scale effectively to client needs, while never leaving our clients with the impression that we are too big for them.


Uniting Expertise

The Warner Retail Team unites experts across markets and specialty service lines to ensure clients have the best possible team.


Regional Coordination

The Warner Retail Team acts as the bridge between Retail Capital Markets’ nationwide span of coverage, and Colliers’ specialty local expertise to guarantee customers have access to experts & buyers everywhere.


Leveraging Scale

Experts at managing complexity, the Warner Retail Team ensures Colliers’ ability to scale is always an asset and never an inefficiency.

Capital Markets Services

Institutional services

Best in class services delivered to the top 200 largest owners of retail centers in the US. Unrivaled execution you can always count on.

Private Capital

Fully scalable services adapted for retail portfolios of all sizes.  From small & mid-sized owners, to the largest Institutional clients, our experts will maximize your value.

Single-Tenant & Portfolio Dispositions

Simplify the complicated. Right-sized strategies for recapitalizing and selling assets that maximize value.

Retail Leasing

Mitigate decreasing occupancy rates and stabilize your retail assets. Our experts devise lease strategies to drive both short and long-term gains.

Valuation & Appraisal

Extreme valuation accuracy with nationwide expertise. With Colliers, the price is always right.

Property Management

Wealth Creation and Preservation. Ensure your assets' growth trajectory and long-term sustainability.

Debt & Equity

Experience expert advisors that can create the perfect capital stack for any situation. Work with a team deeply experienced in finding the perfect capital balance point.

Marketing & Client Services

Every property has a story. We tailor each story, and broadcast it to our vast network of buyers worldwide.

Working Forward Together

Amid uncertainty, ever-changing perspectives, & constant chaos, one thing has remained true and consistent for Colliers – we know What it Takes to Work Forward Together.

This philosophy is core to our culture, and motivates our service to clients and to our local communities.

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